How to Write a Checker in 24 Hours

At this year’s LLVM Developers’ Meeting, my coworker and I gave a talk called “How to Write a Checker in 24 Hours”, about extending the Clang Static Analyzer with custom “checkers”. The video of the talk is now online, along with all the other talks.

Git Tricks

Git is one of the most useful tools in my programming toolbox besides the compiler itself. Sure, there are holy wars over which version control system is best (Mercurial, anyone?), but if you’re coming from CVS or Subversion, Git is a huge improvement. Or will be, once you get over the learning curve. I highly recommend Pro Git as a way to become fluent in Git.

If you already use Git, however, you might be wondering how to make it more useful…

Big News

I’m going to Apple.

This is not as exciting for me as it would be for someone else. I actually grew up in Cupertino, and I’ve interned there a few summers ago. I have a lot of respect for Apple’s emphasis on design and quality in their products (there are always exceptions, but the general trend is very good), but I haven’t been dying to work there the way some people might.

What is exciting is what I’ll be doing. As I mentioned a few weeks back, I’ve shifted away from Cocoa development and gotten involved with Clang.