AlterConf SF/Oakland

A few weeks ago I attended AlterConf SF/Oakland, a conference focusing on diversity-related issues in the tech industry. The dozen or so talks were extremely varied both in topics and in style, but nearly all of them had a story.

I should note that I am a non-marginalized developer and a person with a lot of privilege, including being white, cis, and male. These are not my stories and not issues I have to struggle with on a day-to-day basis, and therefore my interpretation and commentary may have large holes or something dangerously wrong. Nevertheless, these are my impressions and opinions, and I both support every speaker being able to have a voice and agreed with nearly all of them.

“Skip the FFI”

I spoke again at last year’s LLVM Developers’ Meeting with my coworker John McCall. Our talk, “Skip the FFI: Embedding Clang for C Interoperability”, was about using the Clang compiler, in library form, to augment another language to work with C. This lets you present C declarations as if they were just special declarations in your own language rather than forcing your users to go through an external FFI. This is, of course, relevant to what I currently work on.

The video of the talk is now online, along with slides and of course all the other talks.

How to Write a Checker in 24 Hours

At this year’s LLVM Developers’ Meeting, my coworker and I gave a talk called “How to Write a Checker in 24 Hours”, about extending the Clang Static Analyzer with custom “checkers”. The video of the talk is now online, along with all the other talks.

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