A few weeks ago I asked people a question on Twitter:

I got many interesting responses, but one of them asked if I had any recommendations for books on compilers.

Oh gosh. Books? Books about computer science? I’m actually not very well-read: while I’ve been programming since I was a kid, I “only” have an undergraduate formal education. That means the set of books I’ve read about CS is rather haphazard. But I suppose I do have a few things that come to mind.

Nibblesort: Adventures in Optimization

A few months ago compiler researcher John Regehr held a low-level optimization contest for a silly problem: sort the nibbles in an arbitrary 64-bit number:

The problem is to sort the 4-bit pieces of a 64-bit word with (unsigned) smaller values towards the small end of the word. The nibble sort of 0xbadbeef is 0xfeedbba000000000. The function you implement will perform this sorting operation on a buffer of 1024 64-bit integers.

AlterConf SF/Oakland

A few weeks ago I attended AlterConf SF/Oakland, a conference focusing on diversity-related issues in the tech industry. The dozen or so talks were extremely varied both in topics and in style, but nearly all of them had a story.

I should note that I am a non-marginalized developer and a person with a lot of privilege, including being white, cis, and male. These are not my stories and not issues I have to struggle with on a day-to-day basis, and therefore my interpretation and commentary may have large holes or something dangerously wrong. Nevertheless, these are my impressions and opinions, and I both support every speaker being able to have a voice and agreed with nearly all of them.

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